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What the Duh

Here’s a No-Brainer, the drive in movie theater is the coolest concept ever.

It’s your castle and crew, an agreement with the chill night sky that past the fence a hot summer’s day will be tamed. We are who we are, this is our place, and yes everyone is welcome to join.  Has the air been so clear, the time so care free, the breath so easy? This is the place, and soon a burning nostalgic window will spill memories into the night.

Here at the Duh Duh Drive In we love those Ozoners and talk about them old and new.  Sometimes the topic is as small as an old intermission snack bar cup, or as large as the feasibility of DI Jumbotrons.

Mostly it’s just about fun for us enthusiast.

Often the pictures, the information that will be discussed, are already posted out there from a more direct source.  All credit is theirs with no intention to claim them as original.   I’m 100% sure that in each post there will be so much more to know and details to correct.  With open arms and a profanity filter please let those comments arrive.

And lastly so that this blog won’t take itself too seriously, it’s called the Duh Duh Drive In.

From Recent Ebay Auction

From Recent Ebay Auction

Is Everybody Happy?  Lets Go………!