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V Dubbing


Trivia  fact #1634b.  Did you know that when the movie “The Love Bug” was released almost 35 years ago VWs swarmed  Nevada from all over the US? Walt Disney Productions held a big Las Vegas event that drew beetles to the screen like mosquitoes to a pic coil.  According to the Motion Picture Herald, publisher of this photo from the same year, over 1,000 Volkswagens gathered at the drive in to see one of their own on the big screen.  A commanding photograph for sure, and with a 1,000 cars on the lot this place must have been a monster.  Or, wait a minute…


Now those folks at Disney perfected the art of forced perspective through their movies and theme parks, so they should know what they’re doing right?  Still something is troubling about this photo.  Imagine instead this as a hand drawn image rather than a photo.  The VWs, the people, the spatial relations,   uh ooo hmm so….

thisd 2 

Giants walked the earth in 69’ at least in the front row and…

this 3

a 1, 000 car lot nay, from the size of this screen and the 20 acre approach I’d say this would have to be a 5,000 car lot.  With bugs make that 6,000.


Diz, common you can’t fool a fool, or something like that.

So alright they didn’t even have Photoshop in 1969, what can one expect?  Thank goodness when Herbie fully loaded came out we were in the great digital age.  The old masters must have got it right when they once again ran the same drive in “promotion”.

5bdb8d00Got it right, heee hee hee, yea  sure.

I guess some things never change.

What you say Lindsay?

Herbie Fully Loaded - Soundtrack (Japan) - Front

Warm Welcome and Good Evening


Introducing the first in a series of special feature post that will be playing on the DuhDuhDriveIn YouTube movie channel.  Tonight’s feature is not a movie at all but actually an album produced by KRKD Los Angeles for the Pacific Drive In Theater chain.  When I first found this I thought it might have been made before concession trailers really caught on, especially from some of the content and style of music.  A little checking though proved it had to be around 1959 or a little later.


Pacific Drive In Theaters as a company is still around but now known as Pacific Theaters.  From Wikipedia ~ ” The company has some 300 movie screens in California. Pacific Theatres is active in real estate development through its Robertson Properties Group, which was originally formed to re-develop former Pacific Drive in Theatres.  Pacific also operates the only remaining drive-in theater in Los Angeles County, the Vineland Drive-In.

It also operates a swap meet business on many of its former drive-in sites, although many of those sites were razed in the mid-2000s due to increasing real estate prices.”

So long!

So long!

“Pacific Theatre also owns the Valley 6 drive in theatre in Auburn, Washington which is the last operating drive in from the United Theatre chain that Pacific ran in the Northwest from the 1950s. The other 20 drive ins, in the Northwest that were owned by United Theatre were redeveloped by Robertson Properties in the 1980s and early 1990’s.”  So there you go.


KRKD itself has a long and interesting history still existing as KFSG.  At the time of this record KRKD was known as the album station and had a simultaneous broadcast on the FM dial.

You’re DJ for tonight is Rod McKean.


Born in Riverside in 1932, Rod started at KRKD doing Jazz, and the station eventually became “the album station.” When KRKD became KIIS, Rod stayed until 1975.  After that he bought a ranch near Yosemite National Park and raised Arabian Horses.  He also went into full time law enforcement work with the Sherriffs Dept.

All that can be said now is let the tapes roll…….     watch?v=LfgBb4yoek8





Comon’ Sherman, set the Dial to Intermission Time



This week the movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman opens to an expectant audience and decent reviews.  Unless located in a southern clime (or at Detroit’s Ford Wyoming Theatre) this hoopla won’t include drive in theatres.   This is a shame because the creator of Sherman and Mr. Peabody has a direct connection to some of the best intermission clips ever made.  One group of these all-stars was released by National Screen Service in 1963 and created by Jay Ward Productions.  It was a spanking new set of trailers called the Snack Bar Intermission Quartet. As the name implies there are four animations, and they are dubbed the Guard, Creature, Leprechaun, and the Professor.

Jay Ward himself of course was most famously known for creating The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show along with many other comical personalities.   He passed away back in 1989, but the span of his life was as interesting and as quirky as his characters.  How does buying an island in Minnesota and dubbing it Moosyvania sound to you?  Good, then check mark.   Press for statehood by traveling the US petitioning signatures for the independent state of Moosylvania? Yep, been there done that.  The best is yet to come, go on to Washington at the height of the Cuban missile crisis and demand an audience with JFK.  In return he was escorted off the grounds at gunpoint.  Now there’s a story and a personality that everyone can love.

His eccentricity certainly shined through on the Quartet trailers and the whole clock shell is fantastic.  For now the focus will be on the Professor clip only, AKA the Nutty Professor and bearer of an enviously flexible snack-producing piece of equipment. Do not tell yourself how improbable that whole enterprise would be.  Instead let’s walk our way to the snack bar, turn our heads back towards the big screen as “ach hello dare” queues over the speaker field.   Ponder now the possibility of this new inWention – The Goodies Machine..


Here we meet eye to eye the professor in his lab coat ready to go.  A good natured VW kinda guy who for some reason never got his wings at 100,000 miles.  Yet for all the professionalism you know something’s up when overcome by a craving for fried chicken.

goodies 1

No time for niceties, next the Goodies Machine is thrust to the forefront.  Seems simple enough on the outside anyway, industrial buttons, riveted sheet metal, oscillating plungers and plenty of ductwork.  Since this was special only for patrons of this drive in, the impressive beast was subjugated to a conglomerated confection cover up. It took many years before what we know as the 3D printer to go public and be enjoyed by all folks, patrons or not.

Goodies 2

But wait, this baby has way more up its sleeve than static prints of fruit roll ups.  The equipment itself morphs into different configurations such as a drop box emitting hot doggies.  Top that Stratasys overlords.  And with an adjustable flue too…. much.

Goodies 3

Thirst quenching sodas require format 1.1 again with a twist on the jumbo industrial buttons now off to the high left.  Very nice.  Actually for some reason this is my favorite cell.

goodies 4

Egads man, now the stack has flipped over and is popping corn all over the place.  Ok, is this all one in the same machine?  Or were we being sold into a much larger intergraded system?  Thank goodness drive ins make so much cash they can afford things like goody machines, butter attachments, and digital projection systems.

goodies 5

goodies 6

Candy too?  I see pricey and  inconsistent. Luckily those hurdles are quickly laid to rest because…….

goodies 7

a good ole mountain dew style brewing attachment streaming piping hot coffee will clinch the sale.  Till now I never could figure how Popcorn Sutton got his name.

All sorts of ice cream really doesn’t register anymore as one continues to consider just what could be done with that still attachment.

goodies 8

Before you know it the Prof is pulling down a privacy shade…

goodies 9

..munching away on the goodies, leaving you hungry on the other side of an intermission screen .  A whole lot of hmmmm mmmm mmm does invite you to join him at the snack bar.

goodies 10


Cheers to you Mr. Ward, associates, and NSS.    H.G. Wells would have been proud.                    Myself, I’ll be thinking of the next perfect blend of technology, a Wayback and Goodies machine.

Hmmmm mmmmm rrmmm


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