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Say Hello To Our Little Friend


The Irish Icon, DiTMCO!

DIT-MCO incorporated in 1948 as the Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company providing products for the drive-in theater business. Shortened to DIT-MCO and used as the name of it’s new mascot in 1951, the line continued to grow year after year to become the Sears & Roebuck catalog of the industry.  Wisely in time the company diversified, and although the Drive In Theater division has recently closed , the company remains with a line of electronic test devices.

Funny thing is as  the company drifted away from Drive In equipment, this little guy holding a speaker and heater became unrecognizable to latter era employees.  A company newsletter inquired about the icon and went back to one of the old dogs, who in turn came up with a fanciful story of a long Irish name.

Today the icon lives on in memory only, and in the pages of old catalogs such as this: