Tis’ The Season


Yes indeed it’s that time of year again folks, the yearly intermission between November and December.   Now is the season of Cool Treats (like icy roads & frost bit nose) and Hot Eats ( turkey, tacos , & Tabasco slaws ).  Not much else for a northern drive in fan to do but go with holiday tradition.

Somewhere over the snowbank other Drive Ins  keep the pictures rolling.  Warm festive times bring a special brand of promotion there, seasonably set to motivate would be patrons away from  left overs.

Filmack was, still is, a pro at bringing holiday greetings to the big screen and help  exhibitors make ends meet in those lean months.  Let’s take a sampling from the 1960 November and December issues of Filmacks trade magazine, “Inspiration” the messenger of good cheer, as it encourages us to celebrate the season together.


Don’t give up Mr. Drive In, help is on the way!


Chase those fall blues away, the mood is right and your about to get into it.  Good fun promotional ideas.


Next no joking from me here.  Blessed to be an American and I’m thankful.


More on the drive in promotion page.  Ladies and Gentlemen if you click on the pic you’ll see the text much clearer.  The ole’ damaged speaker trailer still a hot item.


Have you thought about “Screen Appeal” lately?  4 out of 5 of the trailing leaders come up short on screen appeal.  By the way, the Inspiration is peppered with good clean jokes throughout the magazine.


Before going on to the next picture, I remember thinking Clint Eastwood movies were out of place for the Holidays.  Above  Psycho is readily promoted with holiday cheer way back in 1960.  Mr. Dzikowski makes a good historical case for this in his first periodical “American Drive In Theater Roadside Journal” a great read on Amazon.

OK, coming up next…


Decembers issue is here!




Filmack is a longstanding family business.  In November’s issue Mr. Irving Mack, affectionately known as just Mack, had said goodbye in a retirement communique.  Joe Mack and his brothers have taken the reigns and here is a notice of some of the well wishes and sad goodbyes received from people who were more than just customers.


Merchant sponsored trailers.  Nice idea and art concept.


Chingle Bells a ringin …  …  safety pays


And the rate schedule.


The frozen chosen here in the Northland would like to wish all our friends Happy Holidays.   in this case with an old marquee, 2 much snow, and a 20 foot drop~


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