Drive In Madness!


If you have a nostalgic eye on the 80’s, here’s a double jeopardy.   Ozoners were freshly declining at an exponential rate, and this 1987 video cassette contemplates what will become of the “only” 1000 remaining drive ins, how the VCR would soon likely change that number to zero.

Directed by Tim Ferrante on a shoe string budget (  it includes great recollections of 1960s and 70s B pictures played against a balance of 1980s movie magic.  Yet  viewed today it reveals how those eras were not so far removed  after all.

The film includes James Karen, Linnea Quigley, Russell  Streiner,  John Russo,  Samuel M. Sherman, Bobbie Bresee, ( bringing up Mausoleum and the good old drive in days of a whopping 4 years earlier.  Not recommended is her drive in etiquette) Forrest Ackerman, George Romero, and Tom Savini, all telling tales geared towards exploitation, skin, and horror flicks.  Which means quite a bit of blood, gore, and R ratings all around for those who wish not attend.

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