What year again?

Over 4,000 Drive-Ins now take advertising.

Source unknown for now

Source unknown for now

Almost 159 million Americans went to the Drive-In Theatres last August.
Drive In audiences reached 57 million in the best week.

Audience characteristics have changed since the early days of the Drive In Theatres. It’s a family trade now. Almost half of all families in the U.S. “drive-in” during a recent six-month period.

Drive-In audiences are a cream market… have better than average jobs, incomes, educations. They own more cars, homes, major appliances, and so on.

Because of all this, some advertisers find Drive-In movies are a most effective national advertising medium.

For 25 years, J. Walter Thompson Company has been theatre screen advertising for clients, not only in the U.S.A., but around the world. We are indeed, the leader in this field.

If you are interested in the special opportunities Drive-In audiences, or theatre audiences as a whole, offer to many advertisers, we shall be happy to discuss them with you.

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